2018 Archive

Alabama Candidate Survey on Climate Change September, 2018 pamphlet here


150 Dauphin St, Mobile, AL



Keynote Speakers:

Reverend Ellen Guice Sims, Open Table

Michael Hansen, Executive Director, GASP

Dr. Raoul Richardson, Baheth Research & Development Labs

Tracey Glover, J.D., ARC – Awakening Respect And Compassion For All Sentient Beings

Carletta Davis, J.D., We Matter Eight Mile Community Association

Cade Kistler, Policy Director, Mobile Baykeeper

Avery Bates, Vice President, The Organized Seafood Association of Alabama

Doug Mardula, Compass Solar Energy

Dr. Scott Douglass, South Coast Engineers

Dr. Eduardo Calderon, University of South Alabama College of Medicine

Joe Womack, Africatown C.H.E.S.S. Clean, Health, Educated, Safe & Sustainable, Inc.

Dr. Wladimir Wertelecki, M.D., Former Chair of the Department of Medical Genetics and Birth Defects, University of South Alabama

Curt Chaffin, Policy Director, Alabama Rivers Alliance

Barry Ankersen, Mobile Bay Oyster Alliance

Clay Doyle, Geothermal Solutions

Glen Coffee, Vice Chair, Alabama Chapter Sierra Club

Ramsey Sprague, (MEJAC) Mobile Environmental Justice Action Coalition

Stephen Stetson, Sierra Club Beyond Coal and Fossil Fuel Campaign Representative

Riva Fralick, Citizens’ Climate Lobby

Joe Mahoney, Chair, Mobile Bay Sierra Club

Diego Calderon-Arrieta, Rise for Climate, Jobs, and Justice, Mobile Bay

David Underhill, Rise for Climate, Jobs, and Justice, Mobile Bay

Angela Jordan, March for Science Mobile

David Smith, Mobile County NAACP

Jackie Wilson, Mobile Bay National Estuary Program

Dale Speetjens, Shipshape Urban Farms

Reggie Hill, Success 4 the Future

We’ll have speakers talking on these special topics on climate change: sea level rise, tropical diseases, climate justice, the threat of coal ash, and waterfront properties & insurance rates. Exhibitors will be featuring their organizations and support for common-sense climate change solutions in the Mobile Bay coastal community. We will also be sharing written responses from local political candidates answering the 4 key questions on our mind:

  1. How will you prepare the Mobile Bay area for the impacts of climate change (rising sea level, increase in vector-borne diseases, more frequent and higher intensity storms, etc.)?
  2. How will you transition the Mobile Bay area off of fossil fuels into renewable energy resources?
  3. How will you increase local spending into renewable energy?
  4. What is your plan for replacing the jobs that will be lost in the necessary and urgent switch to less deadly forms of energy?


Rise for Climate, Jobs, and Justice – Mobile Bay demands that our elected leaders…

  1. Diversify our energy mix in Mobile Bay in a way that focuses on people, justice, and profits
  2. Bring renewable energy jobs to Mobile Bay
  3. Increase opportunities to diversify the energy mix to include more renewables that are handled by our Port
  4. Provide more opportunities for residents to play a functional role in climate resilience planning
  5. Ensure economic opportunities and justice for frontline communities and future generations that will face the impacts of climate change the most


Rise for Climate, Jobs, and Justice – Mobile Bay is a sister event to the National Day of Action, Saturday September 8th with The People’s Climate Movement. In Mobile, we want to “bring home the real and expected impacts of climate change this community will face.” This event will 1) highlight the local issues all Mobile community members will face as climate change worsens, 2) identify the local barriers to switching from fossil fuels to cleaner renewable energy resources, and 3) begin mass mobilization in Mobile in order to transition into clean energy and reduce the greenhouse gases we cause as a result of our business and money decisions. We believe the biggest ways our Mobile community can adapt to climate change and fight back against it are electing local politicians who promote investment in renewable energy resources and promote stronger and more robust public transit systems.